Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decorations!

I know I had a goal of posting my first photos by this PAST Friday and of course, didn't make my own deadline.  Shocker!  Nothing new for me.  I did have a great weekend, though.  I got to spend all day Saturday with my new Cricut Circle friends at a Houston meet-up.  I met so many great people and had such a good time.  I even won a cartridge and a package of matts for my cricut!  Yeah!!! 

Anyway, on to business, I did actually take some photos Friday of some of my Halloween decorations and a wreath I made, but never got a chance to post them.  I LOVE Halloween decorations, though.  I really like the colors (purple, lime green and black being some of my favorite colors) and the "old timey" looking decorations.  My all time favorite Halloween figure is Jack Skellington, though.  Every time we go to Disneyworld, I pick up some sort of Jack decoration.   So, I just wanted to post some of the photos I took.

I know it's a little blurry, but didn't have a better one.  Sorry.

My husband just got me the snowman.  He said it's his favorite!
My favorite is the new cupcake kitty on the end!  I love anything having to do with cupcakes!

My "Candy Corn Girl" candy holder!

I made this wreath using my Cricut and the Mini Monsters Cartridge.  I can't remember right now if the Trick or Treat came from that cart. as well.   I tied strips of ribbon to the wreath to fill in.  I purchased the black wreath at Michaels.

I know I'm not the best photographer, but I'm hoping to get better at it.  So hopefully my photos will get better and better as this blog goes forward.
Thanks for looking.